Axeda Launches Redesigned Corporate Website

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Axeda is a sophisticated cloud-based service for managing connected products and machines. An established client, they have turned to CommonPlaces for a variety of projects over the years. CommonPlaces built the Axeda Developer Connection, a community for M2M (Machine to Machine) developers, using the unique Axeda Platform. CommonPlaces built their corporate site using Drupal, an Open Source Content Management System. Recently, this corporate site underwent a facelift.

The objectives for the enhanced corporate site were to maintain Axeda’s industry leading online presence in the M2M and Cloud Platform space, and to provide an easier content management experience for administrators with a clean, sleek appearance. In adding updated content to the site, CommonPlaces urged a switch to a responsive design to take advantage of demands from mobile users. The result is a website which meets, and often exceeds, the expectations of both parties.

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