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CommonPlaces Launches Kids-Only Social Networking Site

CommonPlaces Launches Kids-Only Social Networking Site

Safe and highly secure social networking site boasts many features for children

Hampstead, NH, March 28, 2011 - CommonPlaces e-Solutions, a New Hampshire-based web development firm has launched a new website for What's What, LLC. The site, WhatsWhat.me (Beta), is a unique, 'kids-only,' 'no bullying allowed' social network for kids aged seven to thirteen that was built on the Drupal platform.

As mainstream social networks are targeted at adults, the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) requires that members of these social networks be at least thirteen years of age. With this in mind, What'sWhat.me (Beta) was created to be safe, secure, and age-appropriate with highly sophisticated privacy and security measures in place, and in strict adherence to COPPA regulations. The site's mission is to 'teach and protect' children as they learn and practice positive online behavior. Also, to help parents 'get smart' about kids and social networks, WhatsWhat.me (Beta) has a Parent Resource Center with 'Ask The Expert,' a tech glossary, news, and information on keeping kids safe online.

Users of WhatsWhat.me (Beta) can enjoy a wide range of age-appropriate social networking activities such as interacting with friends online through messages, earning points, winning prizes, sharing photos, playing online games, posting comments and creating and joining groups. These activities all take place in a protected environment, ensuring that children are entertained and educated without compromising security.

To make these activities and security features a reality, CommonPlaces deployed a number of solutions. First, facial detection and recognition software was utilized as a security measure.

'In keeping with COPPA guidelines, we implemented this unique technology to provide a safe environment for children aged seven to thirteen,' mentioned Ben Bassi, President and CEO of CommonPlaces. 'As part of the registration process, the child's webcam is used to capture a few photos. These images are then encrypted, stored on secure, state-of-the-art servers and verified at every login.'

Also put into effect were solutions that ensured the privacy of videos submitted to the community. This technology allows for videos to be secured within WhatsWhat.me (Beta) which means they won't be viewable elsewhere, or picked up on search engines. This helps guarantee that all content is kids-only.

Using the Drupal 'user points' module, CommonPlaces set up the community's 'MePoints' system, where users can earn points for certain activities such as logging in, posting comments etc. Upon accumulating a certain amount of points, prizes can be redeemed.

'Partnering with CommonPlaces' was a wise choice for us,' stated Vincent F. Cannistraro, CEO and Founder of WhatsWhat.me (Beta). 'We received a detailed analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of WhatsWhat.me (Beta) and how those weaknesses could be resolved. The CommonPlaces team optimized our site to a whole new level and ensured our success. Building WhatsWhat.me (Beta) required unmatched technical expertise and strong project management, which is what CommonPlaces brought to the table. Open lines of communication meant that I could contact CommonPlaces at any time and receive a response right away. The team's insight on strategies for building an internet business was invaluable and critical to the success of WhatsWhat.me (Beta).'

The published site can be viewed by visiting www.whatswhat.me

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About CommonPlaces
CommonPlaces e-Solutions (www.commonplaces.com) is a full-service open source development and online marketing firm focused on the integration of Web Content Management (such as Drupal), custom e-Commerce, and advanced online Communities and Social Networks to build profitable online business applications for Fortune 500 clients, national organizations, and educational institutions.

About WhatsWhat.me (Beta)
WhatsWhat.me (Beta) is a 'kids-only' Website that provides safe, secure social networking for kids ages 7 to 13 ('tweens') and utilizes patent-pending facial recognition technologies, moderation and kid-friendly features. WhatsWhat.me (Beta) is compliant with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and fosters an age-appropriate, 'no-bullying allowed' community while teaching positive online behavior, Internet safety and related life skills. For parents, WhatsWhat.me (Beta) offers its Parent Resource Center www.whatswhat.me/parents providing expert advice, news and information on cybersafety for children. WhatsWhat.me (Beta) Customer Service: 1-888-520-3211. For more information, please go to www.whatswhat.me Media Contact: Jeanie Ryan at jeanie[at]whatswhat.me or (603-235-5266).

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