Monarch Medical Technologies Launches New Website

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Monarch Medical Technologies is a privately held medical technology company founded by clinicians with a vision of improving hospital-based glucose management. Providing the safest option on the market, Monarch is replacing traditional linear protocols with individualized and predictive computer-based solutions.  With its flagship product, the EndoTool™ Glucose Management System, the company pioneers the field of predictive therapeutic control technologies for managing drugs.

Monarch Medical Technologies New Website

Monarch Medical Technologies first reached out to CommonPlaces when they noticed a security vulnerability on their site. Kristen Paulet, Director of Marketing for Monarch Medical Technologies, was familiar with CommonPlaces’ capabilities as she had worked with the team at a previous job and knew exactly who to turn to. CommonPlaces investigated and identified what was going on using their CommonPlaces Rescue, or CPR solution.

CommonPlaces performed an in-depth review of their current website and uncovered some underlying issues. Their website was running on an older version of WordPress at the time, which left them more prone to malicious attacks.  Based on CommonPlaces recommendations, Monarch decided it was necessary to implement a more secure, up to date version of their site that was geared towards improving user experience.

“As we began our website refresh, our visitors’ experience was the first priority. We needed an easy-to-navigate website optimized for education and lead generation, coupled with a fresh new look,” said Kristen Paulet, Director of Marketing, Monarch Medical Technologies. “The CommonPlaces team were extremely helpful in the development of our strategy and new website. The team was readily available throughout the entire process, answering any questions and concerns that arose. Their experience and creativity brought our vision to life, and we are pleased with the final result.”

Your Dilemma: Which Agency Should You Choose?

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