Does Your Drupal Website Need CPR?

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Is your Drupal Website “broke”? Missing functionality? Crashing?

Do you have a looming launch date that keeps you awake at night?


If your Web application is experiencing performance issues, lacking critical functionality, or is stalled altogether, you’re not alone.

The CommonPlaces Rescue (CPR) program provides a fast, unique service to help you quickly “breathe new life” into your stalled projects or a hacked website. Although each project is different, the most common reasons for a Drupal project going awry include:

  • Drupal Core is out of date or compromised: Drupal Core is the heart of your application – you need to maintain the latest version and ensure that the core code has not been compromised (hacked) in any way. Even small code change to core can cripple your site (and your budget) going forward, ultimately resulting in dangerous security risks.
  • Insufficient Architecture/File System: Development starts with one set of expectations, and business needs evolve to accommodate new or long term goals. Fact is, your site should be built to scale from the beginning. It’s always much easier (and more cost effective) to build-in or build-for the future from the beginning. You usually won’t find these issues until something breaks or something can’t be done – and its extremely expensive to retro-fit your site to make it work.
  • Modules Matter: If Drupal core is the heart, the modules are the muscle behind your web application. It’s one of the reasons you chose Drupal in the first place and critical to the success of your project. However, since they are not part of Drupal core releases they may or may not have optimized code/functionality. You need to know if your modules are implemented correctly and are following Drupal Best Practices to be portable, upgradable and secure.
  • Inexperience: Some developers and outsourced firms are phenomenal at implementing Drupal for social publishing and communities but when it comes to extending your Drupal with complex custom modules or integration with 3rd party applications you need a team of experienced Drupal Developers to get your site functional. Trusting your business to inexperienced teams usually costs much more than money in the long run.

The CommonPlaces Rescue (CPR) program helps customers and start-up ventures to get their Drupal applications working the right way; and to get your project online.

We work with you and your team to triage your current site, prioritize and implement immediate fixes, and close high security risks.

For a friendly and knowledgeable consultation, contact us to discuss your website problems and we will help.


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