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Snowbound Software recently came to CommonPlaces looking to revamp its online presence. Since 1996 Snowbound Software has been the pioneering leader of document viewing and conversion technology.

Snowbound Software's new Drupal website.

Snowbound decided to go with Drupal as its website’s CMS. The website has an all new look and feel for users. Not only does the site look great, but it also has a lot of useful functionality and streamlines usability.

Snowbound wanted to streamline its editing and revisioning process but weren’t sure of the full capabilities of Drupal. By working closely with Snowbound’s marketing team, CommonPlaces mentored and assisted them not only in coming up with a fantastic functioning site, but at the same time teaching them the skills to manage content on their own. CommonPlaces not only was able to help lay the foundation in creating a really useful site, but also gave Snowbound the tools to keep building upon that foundation.

Jody Spencer, the Director of Marketing at Snowbound, had this to say about the new website and the CommonPlaces team.

‘We have had wonderful feedback so far from people in the company. They are really excited about the new design, and more importantly, the new functionality we will be able to add to the site since we now have a good technology platform.’

The website was a great success not only for CommonPlaces, but even more so for Snowbound.

‘It was so refreshing to have a firm working with us that had as much pride in this project as we did internally.’

Working with the Snowbound team was a great experience, they are certainly one of the best clients we have worked with. We look forward to a wonderful continued relationship and seeing their company garner continued success with its new site.

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