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How to Create Remarkable Customer Experiences

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As 2018 winds down, let’s talk about one trending topic in digital marketing and web development that isn’t winding down at all:

Customer Experience

Although successful businesses have always known that “the customer is always right”, the digital world is currently hyper-focused on creating exceptional and engaging online customer experiences.

And why shouldn’t we be? Consumers and businesses spend a lot of time researching products and services and ultimately making purchases online. If customers aren’t having the best experience possible, what’s to stop them from shopping or doing business elsewhere?

Nothing. Nothing is stopping your customers from moving on and deciding to do business with the other company – you know, one that treats them like royalty and has developed a strategic customer experience that they just can’t resist.

Improving Customer Experience in 2019

If you haven’t made your 2019 resolutions yet, we have one for you to add to the list. In 2019, one of your resolutions should be to create more engaging and meaningful customer experiences with potential and existing customers. Why?

Qualtrics research indicates that “86 percent of those who receive a great customer experience are likely to return for another purchase...” while “only 13 percent of people who had a sub-par customer experience will return.”CX

And, according to MarTech Advisor “Engaged and satisfied customers will buy 50% more frequently and spend 200% more annually.”

They say first impressions are important, and the stats above certainly back that up. The trick is to pretend that every impression is the first impression if you want to keep your customers coming back again and again.

Recommended Customer Experience Strategies

Commonplaces recommends using a combination of strategic digital marketing and website development techniques to grow your business. Here are a few examples of techniques to help you engage your customers and provide a customer experience that they can’t help but love.

  1. Custom Website and Application Development

By building a custom website and/or custom web application, you can show your customers what your brand is all about. In a time when almost every business is online, it’s not enough to simply have a website. Your website has to do more than just sit there and look pretty. It has to offer an experience that makes your business stand out from others in the industry.

When done well, a custom web application can help you grow sales, improve content distribution, and keep your customers coming back for more – all while you sleep. Or, more likely, it will do all of this while you focus on other aspects of your business. If you haven’t invested in a website redesign or upgrade, now is the time.

  1. Customer Engagement Portal

In addition to having a custom website and/or web application where customers can interact with your brand, you may also want to consider developing a secure online portal for members, partners, and customers. When customers have secure and special access to content designed just for them, it can help to increase engagement and improve customer loyalty.

Customer Engagement Portal

Customer engagement portals offer a great platform for sharing content, getting customer feedback, promoting new products and services, and more. Commonplaces specializes in creating engagement portals and company intranets to help customers connect and engage with their target audience(s).

  1. Targeted and Personalized Digital Marketing

It’s important to supplement your website, web application(s), and/or customer portal with digital marketing strategies that target your specific audience(s). Take it one step further and create campaigns that are personalized towards individual buyer personas, and you can increase customer engagement even further.  

In addition to creating custom messaging based on your target audience(s), it’s also important to deliver the messaging via your customers’ preferred platforms, content types, and to also consider the types of devices they are using to view your content. And above all – be consistent. It’s crucial that your brand is recognizable across every platform.

Ready to Create Remarkable Customer Experiences?

Although it may seem like a lofty goal, creating a remarkable customer experience is actually quite simple. In short; give your customers what they want, when they want, and how they want it. If you don’t, your competitors will.

Need help improving the customer experience in 2019? Contact Commonplaces today to get started.

Kendra Bassi

As the Chief Operating Office I build, develop, and grow business relationships vital to the success of each customer engagement. As the project manager for development projects I maintain project schedules and budgets, and ensure deadlines and launch dates are met. I love a challenge and l look forward to helping current customer and prospect bring their visions to life online.

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