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Inspiring Our Future Workforce Through Mobile Technology.

Now that’s powerful!

The app challenge is a nationwide contest where middle and high school students are challenged to develop mobile app concepts using STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) skills to help solve a problem within their school or community.

Each year, the Verizon Foundation in partnership with TSA (The Student Association) strives to improve user experience and increase program awareness. Since the contest launch in 2012, over 3,500 teams have submitted mobile app concepts with the winning apps being downloaded over 23,500 times.


In order to meet the rapid demand of mobile usage, the latest version of the website was designed and developed using a “Mobile First” approach.

A large part of the competition is the "Fan Favorite" award. All teams who have won the "Best in State" award are eligible and the winner is chosen by popular vote via text message.


During the 2016 app challenge, within the first 24 hours of voting for the "Fan Favorite" award, the mobile voting platform had exceeded the allotted 10,000 vote limit and was shut down temporarily.

Over 110,000 votes were received via text message for the “Fan Favorite” award in 2016. This year, over 154,000 people voted - That's up 39%!

And on top of it all, an award was won! CommonPlaces Interactive and TSA/Verizon were honored with the 2016 WebAward for "Outstanding Website" by the Web Marketing Association.


They were flexible in their approach and did a great job communicating and resolving any roadblocks along the way. The site does everything we need on the front end and back end. I am very happy with the result.
Maureen Corneal, Project Manager for TSA/Verizon Innovative Learning

2016~2017 RESULTS

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